How Do Medicare Advantage Plans Work?

If you are nearing retirement, you might be considering how to manage your healthcare in the years ahead. One option is a Medicare Advantage plan, otherwise known as MA Plans or Part C. They are usually labeled as an alternative to the original Medicare and are healthcare plans offered by private companies but approved by Medicare. These bundled plans include medical insurance, hospital insurance, and Medicare drug coverage.

What Is Covered with Medicare Advantage Plans?

Medicare Advantage plans offer more coverage than the original Medicare was able to do. For example, your plan may include things such as fitness programs, hearing, vision, and dental services. In addition, Medicare Advantage plans can offer coverage for other various services such as home healthcare, transportation to doctor visits or additional therapy services that you might need to be tailored to your specific health or needs.

These benefits can be customized per person to treat your specific medical concerns or fit a certain price point. This is why it’s so important to read through the different services and packages offered to ensure you’re making the right decision for your health needs.

The Cost of Medicare Advantage Plans

When private health insurance companies offer Medicare Advantage plans, they are being paid a certain amount of money each month for your care, which means they have to play by Medicare’s specific guidelines and rules. Your Medicare Advantage plan may have specific rules, such as you need to only go to doctors with the plan, or you need a referral for a specialist. They might even charge different deductibles or co-pays. But, again, this is determined by Medicare’s rules and can change from year to year.

While most Medicare Advantage plans will include prescription drugs as part of their coverage, you can sign up for plans that don’t offer this drug coverage or simply aren’t allowed to provide drug coverage.

Join Medicare Advantage Insurance Plans Today

The first step before joining is to thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of your Medicare health plans. Once you’ve read through the rules and costs of these types of programs, it’s time to find the right provider. You can do this in a few ways, including

  • Use Medicares Plan Finder: You can enter your zip code and find the right Medicare Part C plans for your needs through the official Medicare website. This will take some time and effort as you’ll want to read through each program and ensure it offers the coverage you need to get moving. My Insurance Finders can easily guide you through your options… much simpler than trying to do it yourself!
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