About Our Ads

We Engage in Internet-Based Advertising

We and our partners display internet-based advertising using information gathered about you over time across multiple websites and other platforms. This might include app data.

Internet-based advertising or “online behavior advertising” includes ads served to you after you leave our website, encouraging you to return, or to take an action. They also include ads we think are relevant based on your browsing habits or online activities. These ads might be served on websites or an apps. They might also be served in emails. We might serve these ads, or third parties may serve ads. They might be about our products, our partner(s) products or other companies’ products. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

We Are A Third-Party Advertising Agency

We (referred to as MyInsuranceFinders.com) is an advertising agency that engages in online internet-based advertising. We use multiple advertising tools to serve you ads based on online browsing behaviors, app data, and browsing habits. MyInsuranceFinders.com is an informational and lead producing service. Our trusted partner(s) fulfill product sales and specific product information beyond what you see in an ad.

Invitations For Application For Insurance

Invitations to apply for insurance are made through our trusted partner(s) or through their designated agents on where licensed and appointed. License numbers are available upon request and are automatically provided where required by law. We (MyInsuranceFinders.com) do not sell insurance policies. Rather, MyInsuranceFinders.com, is an advertising agency that engages in online internet-based advertising. We (MyInsuranceFinders.com) provide informational ads and content that helps consumers connect (via phone, email, SMS, mail and/or chat) with licensed insurance companies (our trusted partners) who will service the consumer (you) and be the end product provider.